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We started back in 2012
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We offer design, innovation and strategy services to leading companies and associations through relevant, global and sustainable products and services

Our circular projects

We develop products and services based on the circular economy, designed to generate a positive impact in the world. We work to achieve greener cities, healthier environments and more conscious consumer products.

From linear to circular: the essential change

Our society depletes natural resources every year as if we lived on 1.75 planets, a clearly unsustainable consumption
Rethinking our way of life is essential. The circular economy is the most feasible model to change the situation
The circular model extends the useful life of products, reduces waste, recycles materials and regenerates natural resources

Sustainable product design strategies

Scenarios where to apply circular design

The future of companies is to implement circular economy strategies. At Lúcid we accompany you to face the smallest challenges even the most complex and extensive projects.

Stage 01

New product

Concepto y desarrollo de la idea

Key capabilities:

  • Value Hill Strategy
  • Disassembly Map
  • Circular Impact
  • Conceptual design
  • Engineering and development
  • Prototyping
  • Circular manufacturing management

See key capabilities:

Stage 02

Product redesign

Product analysis and improvement

Key capabilities:

  • Value Hill Strategy
  • Hotspots Map
  • Disassembly Map
  • Circular Impact
  • Conceptual design
  • Engineering and development
  • Prototyping
  • Circular manufacturing management

See key capabilities:

Stage 03

From product to Product-as-a-Service

Transition to drive growth

Key capabilities:

  • UCR - User Centered Research
  • Customer Journey and value proposition
  • Business model design
  • Proof of concept and design of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in Product and Digital UX / UI
  • Prototyping

See key capabilities:

Stage 04

Circular strategy

Design for the future

Key capabilities:

  • 360 strategic reflection
  • Portfolio analysis
  • UCR - User Centered Research
  • Customer Journey and value proposition
  • Definition of new business model
  • Definition of innovation horizons
  • Strategic roadmap

See key capabilities:

Our method

We have developed our own working method, which is deployed in 4 phases: Vision, Strategy, Design and Deploy. Each phase allows us to exploit the potential of our multidisciplinary team to face projects from all angles

01. Vision

Planet centered design

Research process to transition to a circular proposal that makes us rethink the existing business model.

To do this, we try to identify the technologies, materials and manufacturing processes that best suit the product or service. On the other hand, we carry out a user research process and analyze which market trends predominate and which are the most emerging and disruptive proposals.

This research phase will give us the necessary information to define the most successful circular strategy. "

    See key capabilities:

    02. Strategy

    From linear to circular

    Process of defining a business strategy that allows us to go from the linear model, obsolete today, to a circular model. With the right tools, we design the project's growth horizons and the business model on which to deploy.

    In this phase, it is defined which products and services will be redesigned, and which will appear completely new.

      See key capabilities:

      03. Design

      Design of circular products and services

      We make tangible the defined strategies following the script of our method to design sustainable products or services. Aspects such as the recycling experience, durability, efficiency or the use of low-impact materials, are very relevant aspects in our process.

      With tools such as the Value Hill or the disassembly map, we move from idea to concept and style design, conceptual engineering, design of a functional MVP for validation or development, and detailed engineering for serial product manufacturing.

      All this, generated together with their respective prototyping phases, the proper definition of costs and their sustainable supplier chain.

        See key capabilities:

        04. Deploy

        Sustainable and competitive manufacturing

        Our offices in Asia and Europe allow us to manage the industrialization and manufacturing phases of the products. We take care of finding the right suppliers and conducting an audit of factories to verify aspects such as sustainability and social responsibility are taken into account.

        We also manage the preparation of the manufacturing and the validation of the product to go to market with the supply chain designed and controlled.

          See key capabilities:

          Our circular design experts

          Sustainability is one of Lúcid's core values. Our team will lead your project towards the circular model, an unstoppable global change

          "Designers build the world, we have the responsibility to switch from a linear to a circular system."

          "It's not all about a mass production product, it's all about a product who lives and dies stepping forward in a sustainable lifecycle"

          "Today we have the infrastructure and the desire for a circular system. A real opportunity to do good."

          Marc Fabra

          Circular Product Design Expert

 +34 658 615 690

          Carlos López

          Circular Mechanical Engineer Expert

 +34 600 515 439

          Iain Hill

          Sustainability Evangelist & Business Developer EMEA

 +34 673 408 606

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