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Phase 01

Business model design

We develop strategies in order to evaluate the business model proposal, improve it and be able to test it with users in the following phases.

In projects focused on crowdfunding, a roadmap that allows us to be agile and be able to define an MVP to start the campaign as soon as possible is vital. Tools such as the Business Canvas Model or the Value Proposition Canvas help us to accelerate and make an optimal definition of the most appropriate business model.

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    Phase 02

    User Centered Design

    Once the business model has been defined, it is time to go to the target. Carrying out a qualitative research process with users is essential to validate that the idea we have has the potential we assume.

    A good User Centered Design process gives us the assurance that the chosen path is the correct one and can save us from having to discard a product when the crowdfunding campaign has already been launched.

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      Phase 03


      A good crowdfunding campaign is based on several elements. One of the most important is the trust that the project is capable of generating in patrons.

      It is very difficult to run a successful crowdfunding campaign without having a strong, compelling and solid brand. Therefore, it is vital to identify your users, find a unique brand territory and define the personality of the brand through an emotional environment if we want to achieve ambitious goals.

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        Phase 04

        Product Design

        The spearhead of a crowdfunding campaign is an attractive, functional and disruptive product.

        At Lúcid we have designed more than 500 products in 8 years, an experience that gives us the ability to lead the project from idea to industrialization.

        Our internal team of designers and engineers, as well as our network of suppliers in Asia and Europe, allows us to work in an agile, efficient way and without geographical limits.

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          Phase 05


          Creating a good digital environment is very important in a crowdfunding project. A website that connects with the campaign, an app that links the user with the product, a communication strategy that increases the number of patrons.

          All of this is part of the digital ecosystem of a crowdfunding campaign. Our extensive experience in platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter enables us to manage it in a comprehensive way.

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            Phase 06

            Campaign design

            In a crowdfunding campaign we don't just show a product and its function. It's about telling a story, talking about the entrepreneurial team behind it and what are the motivations that push them to start this adventure.

            A crowdfunding campaign is the story of the work of many months and is what should hook the patron and make him believe in the project, starting with the video that leads the campaign.

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              Phase 06

              Manufacturing management

              Having good partners in the industrialization phase, the last deliverable element of the campaign promise, will allow us to achieve competitive prices, fast delivery times and, above all, a quality product that guarantees patron satisfaction. This is the key to give continuity to the project after the crowdfunding campaign.

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