Industrial Management

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Phase 01

Provider network design

Designing a good network of industrial suppliers is the decisive factor to guarantee the correct mass production of the product.
At Lúcid we have industrial partners and suppliers in Europe and Asia from the main sectors, technologies and processes to select the most appropriate for each project.
Our Supply chain team in Barcelona, and especially from the offices in China, is in charge of constantly looking for new suppliers and manufacturers according to the requirements of the project.

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    Phase 02

    Factory audit

    We advise our clients in the definitive selection of industrial suppliers and manufacturers in Asia through a service of face-to-face audits in the factories, where control and follow-up visits are made to verify the capabilities and guarantees they offer us.

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      Phase 03

      DFM & CFM

      Design for manufacture (DFM) and specifications of Color, finishes and materials (CFM).
      Coordinating this stage of the project and aligning the client's expectations in these aspects with our suppliers is essential to obtain good results and the expected quality of the project.
      Lúcid leads the realization of all the documentation, reports and manufacturing files necessary for a product manufacturing without incidents or deviations.

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        Phase 04

        Manufacture of molds and tools

        Manage the manufacture of molds and tools from our offices in Barcelona and China. Eliminate the pressure on our clients of having to deal with the complexities and technicalities of a key stage of the project in which large investments are made.

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          Phase 05

          Pre-series validation

          Going to market and starting the mass production of the product is a process with many intermediate stages of injection tests, corrections, assembly tests and functionality tests.
          Our team creates its own validation plan for each project prior to the start of commercialization.

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            Phase 06

            Manufacturing management

            With the Tooling phase completed, the pre-series validated and the operations plan and the defined supplier chain, we accompany our partners on the market launch with manufacturing management.
            We help our clients focus on the commercialization of the product and the attention to the consumer, covering the tasks of production management and manufacturing orders.

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