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We started back in 2012
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Incubators and start-ups we are working with

We serve emerging businesses with innovative projects from multiple sectors, with special attention to new technology, textile and consumer goods companies

Our work with incubators and start-ups

We take care of creating the strategy, innovating, designing and implementing the products and services of the start-ups with which we work. We build your foundations to give you a solid future with potential for expansion

Start-up stages and key capabilities

Each start-up faces very different challenges in each of its life stages. At Lúcid we work differentiating 4 major stages, developed using the various services and key capabilities of our method

Stage 01


Love Money: concept and idea development

Key capabilities:

  • UCR – User Centered Research
  • Customer journey and value proposition
  • Business model design & Investor Deck
  • Proof of concept (POC) and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) design on Product, Digital UX/UI and Brand
  • Prototyping & Digital manufacturing

See key capabilities:

Stage 02

Go to market

Seed Capital: market release

Key capabilities:

  • User test & validation
  • Product refinement (Product, Digital, Brand)
  • Go to market plan: marketing & production strategy)
  • Crowdfunding

See key capabilities:

Stage 03


Early Venture & BA Capital: acceleration

Key capabilities:

  • Product scale up & portfolio
  • Design for costs & supply chain management
  • User test & validation
  • Marketing & communication management

See key capabilities:

Stage 04


Venture Capital: scale's change

Key capabilities:

  • New market's research & strategy
  • Portfolio strategy and New Product Development (NPD)
  • Visual Brand language (VBL) & Brand guardianship

See key capabilities:

Our method

We have developed our own working method, which is deployed in 4 phases: Vision, Strategy, Design and Deploy. Each phase allows us to exploit the potential of our multidisciplinary team to face projects from all angles

01. Vision

Framing the opportunity

We identify the characteristics of the sector and market we are targeting to detect blue oceans and ideal spaces for the birth of the project. We help to segment consumers and through User Centered Research we are able to obtain those learnings and insights that will allow to create the base of project sustainability. It is essential to understand what the project's value proposition should be so that it has an effective and sustainable market-fit over time.

Our capabilities:

  • UCR - User centric research
  • Customer journey and value proposition

See key capabilities:

02. Strategy

Setting the business foundations

We work with methodologies and creative tools originating from Design Thinking to establish the strategic foundations of the project and validate them with the different stakeholders. We design the project's growth horizons and the business model on which to deploy. In addition, we help in the creation of value content for investment search.

Our capabilities:

  • Business model design & Investor deck
  • User test & Validation
  • Product architecture
  • Growth Stages design

See key capabilities:

03. Design

Product design

We adapt to the needs and strategies of start-ups at all times to offer them the most efficient solution. We carry out technological research, conceptual and style design, conceptual engineering, design of a functional MVP for validation or development, and detailed engineering for serial product manufacturing. All this, generated together with their respective prototyping phases, the proper definition of costs and their supply chain.

Our capabilities:

  • Proof of concept (POC)
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Concept design & final product development
  • Prototyping
  • Design for costs & supply chain design

See key capabilities:

04. Design

Digital design

We design and develop digital solutions adapted and thought for an effective user-friendly usability, aware of business objectives and highly oriented to functional performance. We adapt digital products to different formats and offer them both independently and embedded in industrial product hardware. Following the User Centered Design (UCD) methodology, we define a journey per user segment, a navigation architecture and design the user experience (UX) and its visual and interaction system (UI).

Our capabilities:

  • Proof of concept
  • Minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Web, app and software design and development
  • UX Design / UI Design
  • Prototyping
  • Coding and product development
  • User testing & validation

See key capabilities:

05. Design

Brand design

We solve one of the main challenges of any start-up: to make itself known effectively and convincingly to consumers and investors. We work the brand strategically in the same phase of business design, building its brand foundations and the drivers that will mark its visual system and its communication language and tone. It is essential to ensure brand consistency in all the impact elements or touchpoints of the project. We create brands with a long-term vision, scalable and permeable both in industrial design, digital products and in any marketing and communication support.

Our capabilities:

  • Brand fundamentals and drivers
  • Branding & brand visual system
  • Visual Brand Language (VBL) applicable to product and digital
  • Digital marketing & communication.
  • Brand activation and expansion

See key capabilities:

06. Deploy

Industrial deploy

Our offices in Asia and Europe allow us to manage the industrialization and manufacturing phases of the products. We handle finding the right suppliers and conducting a factory audit, as well as managing the preparation of the manufacturing and the validation of the product to go to market with the supply chain designed and controlled.

Our capabilities:

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Design for costs and supply chain management
  • Tooling management
  • Quality control
  • Manufacturing (Asia & Europe)

See key capabilities:

07. Deploy

Market deploy

Going to market requires an omnichannel control of the media and a strong deployment capacity according to the purposes of community growth and notoriety that the start-up has set. Together we define the strategies and resources necessary to reach your audience and promote business growth in accordance with the initial forecast. Our experience in product-based crowdfunding campaigns is a substantial asset that allows us to reach the market quickly and generate engagement with users at the same time.

Our capabilities:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Marketing strategy and communication
  • Influencer marketing and co-branding strategies

See key capabilities:

Our start-up experts

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“A good product is not a guarantee of success in crowdfunding. The key is to ensure the trust of the patrons”

"The business strategy of start-ups is unique: in half a year you can launch your product on the market"

"To undertake, you have to fall in love with a problem. To undertake is to seek a solution to the world’s problems"

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