diseño conceptual



Using an aesthetic and/or functional purpose to make the identified product idea visible and attractive to the eyes of the consumer. The goal is to fully analyse the market or the competition and understand the world and consumer trends by conceptualising and outlining techniques to turn a concept into a product that people will love.

"The creativity and talent to propose the unexpected"

sketching conceptual


All designs should start with a blank piece of paper. We think with pencils and communicate our ideas with markers. Any project, however simple it may seem, needs to be translated into a sketch.

The conceptual sketching phase allows us to explore the most tangible part of a product, its geometry and shape, its appearance and its perception.

It is at this phase when we begin to give personality to a product and work on the different conceptual proposals that we will present to the client.

visualización de propuestas


A design concept or a product idea is at times something basic and unfinished, but in turn could have a lot of potential.

This is why it's important to have the tools and capabilities needed to translate it in the most appealing and convincing way possible so we can convey it to the client as clearly and directly as possible, thereby allowing for it to be evaluated in all its breadth and without any reservations.

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