Our innovation methodology based on the principles of Design Thinking has allowed us to bring innovative products, services and high performance brands to the market. Through our innovation services, we make available to companies and organizations our experience and know-how in all areas in which innovation plays an important role.



Design in its broadest definition is one of the most powerful methodologies to understand the complexity of the market and organizations.

Design - driven Innovation allows companies to connect with their environment, act with agility and build solutions for the problems, needs and real desires of consumers, users or employees.



One of the most valuable resources that a company can count on is contact with its consumers and in-depth knowledge of their situation, their latent needs and their desires. We can help you secure that knowledge and keep in touch with your end users.



All companies, to a greater or lesser extent, offer their customers an intangible value that we cannot forget and that often makes a difference. Our tools for visualising value and points of contact with the consumer will help you create unique and unforgettable experiences.



At LÚCID, we help companies, startups and entrepreneurs every day in the pursuit of their business ideas, as well as in the design of their products and services.

The design of the business model and its systematic market validation is paramount today and a key aspect for project success.



The ability to create new ideas and concepts is a discipline that calls for method and training. Any team can be highly creative if the right techniques are used for each possible challenge or problem. We boast a vast arsenal of tools and resources to foster and arouse creativity in teams or companies.



The market obliges companies to transform into organisations capable of undergoing constant change and ongoing innovation in all their lines of business. To do so, we must establish methodologies and mechanisms that foster constant evolution. At LÚCID, each day we work surrounded by innovation processes, so our tools and methods can help you design and implement your innovation plan.



There are ways of providing value way beyond the sale of services and products. Our society has many needs and at LÚCID we believe that design can help improve the operation of social companies, enhance user experience or boost the commitment of partners or affiliates.

“Our clients have two factors in common: clear leadership vocation and a firm commitment to innovation.”


"80% of global economic activity comes from the service industry, so we must offer our customers not only an excellent product that exceeds their expectations, but also create unique and meaningful relationships through our service."