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The market obliges companies to transform into organisations capable of undergoing constant change and ongoing innovation in all their lines of business. To do so, we must establish methodologies and mechanisms that foster constant evolution. At LÚCID, each day we work surrounded by innovation processes, so our tools and methods can help you design and implement your innovation plan.

Innovation horizons


Innovation is, perhaps, one of the business areas with the greatest uncertainty, as it essentially entails constructing the future.
That's why we must build a working environment that allows the company and innovation-related agents to work in an orderly manner while focussed on challenges, opportunities and strategic goals.

Innovation radar


The market, society and technology are constantly generating new opportunities that companies and organisations must identify, evaluate and undertake, if they are positive for the company.
The innovation radar allows us to handle a great deal of information while mapping out a time frame for the actions required for each of the opportunities identified.



"To get new answers, we need to ask new questions".
Following this maxim, we stage working sessions for our customers with a view to exploring new ways to solve old problems. The teams involved will benefit from a working methodology and relevant and inspiring details that materialise in specific concepts, prototypes and projects of disruptive innovation.

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