‘Creatives for the future’
Placing sustainability at the center of the creative industry

‘Creatives for the future’ is born to place sustainability at the center of the creative industry and its clients

A group of agencies, communication consultants and freelancers from different communities in Spain have come together to create the Creatives for the future’ initiative, a platform that seeks to transform the creative industry and position people and the planet at the center of the decision making.

With this initiative, the creative industry aims to become a powerful agent of change towards sustainability, with a double objective: to transform creative agencies and promote sustainable actions among its clients, the companies.

Born in the branding agency Firma and led by Chacho Puebla, Firma, Jesús Revuelta, Lucas Romero, Lúcid Agency, Mayúscula, Multiplica, Nico Ordozgoiti, Nutcreatives and Runroom, the initiative brings together a large number of agencies that strive to make an internal transformation, become agents of change and promote sustainable actions among their clients.

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Chacho Puebla, member of the action committee of ‘Creatives for the Future’ explains:

“We are experts in communication and persuasion, we have a key responsibility to sow seeds of awareness among companies, to stimulate organizational, individual and systemic changes, and to change the narrative linked to sustainability.”

The platform began to be conceived a year ago, in 2019, within the framework of the #ClimateStrike and the large mobilizations of explosion of sustainable consciousness promoted by Greta Thunberg.

Today sees the light by calling on all creative agents in this country to join the initiative and help amplify the fight.

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Making sustainability very sexy is one of the fundamental pillars of this new platform.

‘Creatives for the future’ bases its activity on three lines of action.

1. Internal transformation

Make tools and knowledge available to the creative industry for its own transformation towards sustainability: reach zero waste offices, try to achieve sustainable certifications such as B Corp or Climate Neutral, promote the participation of employees in impact actions.

2. Raise awareness within the areas of influence of the creative sector

Use the innate talent and creativity of the sector to educate, disseminate and stimulate sustainability: put sustainability in all client briefings, raise awareness among the management of the companies with which they work, and spread the message in talks and events.

3. Make sustainability very very sexy

From Creatives for the Future we want to stop treating sustainability from a catastrophic prism and conceive it as a unique opportunity to improve our presence on the planet, to become conscious consumers and companies and to fight to overcome this great collective challenge. All this by always communicating positively in order to convince the unbelievers and achieve massive changes of consciousness.


Any agency, consultancy, design studio or creative freelance that wants to be part of this initiative can do so here.

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