After many years on the product design field, many people always ask why are we so focused on designing products for mass production. We are telling you why!

It’s been a while since most of the members of LÚCID started working on product design and the development of new products. Since we started our careers about 10 years ago, we have gone through different stages of professional growth and we have participated in an extended variety of projects. This allowed us to focus on the type of projects that we are really interested on and in our opinion, are the most important, which are high production products or mass production.

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Always, our mentality and purpose with product design has been the contribution to the user’s environment and the improvement of the products through the functionality and usability. Social and popular design is the one who really attracts us, understanding this as the design who is lived and used every day, the one who is transverse and, as far as possible, affordable for the vast majority of people and businesses.

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How could we agree to design just for a selective group of people if we can do it for the most people?

We are attracted by challenges, test ourselves and try to quantify the impact of a good product. Therefore, we are dedicated to making this kind of products, where the demands are much higher than in a design thought only with an artistic purpose or for a small manufacturing.

Nothing pleases us more than seeing our products used and lived on the streets, in homes and kitchens of our neighbors or in the offices and workshops of any company.

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Products thought for mass-production are very demanding and require ingenuity in every aspect: creative, technical and productive. In an industrial sense, any material saving, improvement of fit and assembly, improvement of the production cycle and the chosen materials represent a scalable economic advantage. On a more emotional or humanistic sense, improvements or innovations that we bring to the product will have a much greater social impact.

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It’s true that any little mistake will always have a greater impact, both for us and for the consumer, but also the benefits of our work will always be much more obvious and tangible. This forces us to take every project seriously and to put the five senses throughout the entire process.

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