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We’re a team of 30 award-winning designers, strategists, researchers and engineers ready to face any design challenge. We’re moved by the power to make things unique with meaningful purposes.

Awards and recognitions

We are your
partners in design

We are taking the responsability of shaping the future; Your future. With this commitment, we know design is becoming shapeless and customers need to focus on and enrich the memorable experiences coming from it.

We're here to make things better,
more human, sustainable and future-proof.

Marc Fabra

Pol Fantoba


Ferran Sesplugues

Oriol Vivet

Dandan Sun

Sonia Pedrosa

Iain Hill

Bet Ruiz

Mireia Ligüerre

“Our aim is to provide honest human-centred services with determinant business-oriented strategies

Building strong
asking the right

We ask the difficult questions to make everything easier. We're ready for the hardest answers; it's the only way of getting the best possible outcome.

Bring the best
out of every project

Moved by a self-challenging vision, effort and empathy are our main drivers


Great projects need great teams. We created a very inclusive method that is keeping you ahead all the time

in the making

Lúcid means bright services, and the memorable experience we offer to our customers

Innovation &

Maite Otano

Laura Laguna

Francesc Casas

David Vilchez

Pamela Bolaños

We created enduring relationships around the globe based on trust, hard work and honesty.

We are accurate and clear

Roc Miranda

Aleix Salanova

Pablo Castillo

Richard Malachowski

Juan Izquierdo

Pau Sagarra

Design Team

Jordi Mata

Carles Ginés

Javier Moreno

Helene Bert

We're designing
for the people

Our methods are human-centered. We put the user always first.

Creativity with
a process

Creativity is not spontaneous anymore.
More about our method →

We're commited
to your future

Our aim is to get the best out of your project, anticipating the users 'and markets'.

Brand &
Digital Team

Abel González

Marina Picola

Christian Corona

Anna Verdaguer

Queralt Malé

Monica Lopez

We are your design intelligence

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