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Target, user, color, values, strategic proposal, voice, brand persona… There’s a lot of things that build on the brand personality. Each and every one of them creates a living part and comprise a core property that everyone is to associate to the brand. And branding, for the general audience, is more like a personality than it is a marketing stance.

Great brands build their Value Proposal through visual appliances and flood their audiences with engaging, recognizable visual worlds.

This is not because they have the strongest personality or the better color choice, but every time they communicate, they do it in the same way.

Are you going to be disruptively sophisticated? Do you think you can do anything? Are you serious and efficient, or do you prefer to sit back and just enjoy the little things in life?

Are you Apple, Nike, BBVA or BMW? And how are you going to communicate that?

Brand Systems help build brand values in a way that make them unique, relevant, different and notorious. It’s a compendium of visual and verbal references that show the brand in a coherent, consistent, uniquely recognizable way.


Do you really need to see the brand logo or name to recognize this poster?

Vodafone’s communication style is so strong you don’t need any more than their iconic shape and their color to recognize their adds.

A brand system helps build unique communication elements that differentiate the brand form their competitors.

Visual systems help:

  • Creating a visual identity
  • Building consistency among all points on contact
  • Differentiate brand message from publicity
  • Obtaining a unique and robust style

In the end, brand systems are the visual interpretation of all the intangibles of the brand and are ultimately the only visual way to recognize a brand.

And all systems start with a shape:


Every brand has its own personality and every brand should have its own shape. This is the starting point on building our own system that relates with our brand and comes from the identity itself.


Effectively, these systems are not only composed by shapes, instead they’re a combination of:

  • Visual Style
  • Typography
  • Color application
  • Tone of voice
  • Art direction and photographic style
  • etc


Brands Systems are vital for brand scalability as they build the elements for visual recognition and brand personality, but it also has to be flexible enough for the brand to change with their audience and evolve into the market.

Coherence and consistency, along with flexibility, determine the success and the duration of a brand proposition, and it is so much more easier with a system that holds every part of it.

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