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We reflect on the design of 3 sets of cutlery that have been internationally recognized with different renown awards in the design sector

Designing cutlery forms the key tools that satisfy one of the main needs that humans have: eating. We are all aware that cutlery are tools that have very standard characteristics that justify their use. That is to say, a fork should always have sharp points that allow food to be held while a knife must always have a sharp edge that allow you to cut it. But not everything ends there.

Designing cutlery is also to work on basic aspects such as ergonomics, weight, volume, functionality and variety, while at the same time achieving an aesthetic set that makes it interesting and stands out from the rest.

Here at LÚCID, Aster, Magnòlia and Baobab are sets of cutlery that have been designed for Culter and have recently been recognized with design awards, specifically two Red Dot Design Awards, an IF Design Award and a German Design Award. But what do these collections have that make them prize-winning collections?

A learning process where success has been thanks to the lack of limitations and barriers when it comes to creating

These are the first cutlery designs that LÚCID designed and the fact of doing it for the first time has been a learning process with very positive results for us. This time, the little knowledge we have on the sector has been a key element in the design process because it has allowed us to limitlessly play around with the shapes and as a result we have some sophisticated as well as expressive pieces that go well beyond its main functionality.

Aster: How to simplify an ergonomic section so that it ends up being a simple geometric and faceted expression, but without losing its comfortable and functional usability

Aster makes a clear allusion to mineral forms and slanted quarters. We can consider it as __cutlery that has a strong character with a modern look __that can be seen reflected through the design of its faceted body.

With Aster, we've looked to express clear geometric shapes set by different plans that open out at the top to embrace the upper end of the pieces. In this way, the top part of the cutlery is joint to its own wide body, thus forming a single piece which has a remarkable appearance.

By simplifying the section, we've ended up with a geometric resolution that allows the cutlery to be used in the finest of manners.


Magnòlia: The balance between a faceted and organic design that is a tribute to farming and agricultural work.

Magnòlia, is halfway between Aster and Baobab being a mid-way point between the geometry of the first and the organic shapes of the second. It is a cutlery set that has softer and more classical ergonomics that are combined with an artist's touch that makes it even more modern. If you compare it to Aster, Magnòlia is a step further, where style lines break flowing surfaces creating changes in its plans which directly effect the usability and function of the pieces.

This model is set out to be a tribute to all the elements which remind us of livestock farming and agricultural work thanks to its shape and meticulous finishes. Magnòlia is clearly inspired by the agricultural tools used by our grandparents, which are often forgotten in our day to day life. That is why it is easy to see it in this knife and fork set. Magnòlia is ideal for red meat dishes.


Baobab: An organic collection that refers nature's expressions.

Baobab is made up of organic elements that subtly represent the characteristic form of a drop of water. One of the features that gives the collection personality is the ergonomic widening at the end showing this collection's strength and natural elegance.

These pieces are a simulation of liquid itself, flowing through its own body and ending with a rounded homogeneous finish. Flowing surfaces that are cut head on by the upper part, thereby creating unique joints. These create edges with a lot of personality and character.

In short, Baobab is a collection of slim and particularly stylish pieces that with their curved movement cause a fun, winding and constant dance between them.


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