Richard Malachowski | Senior product designer

It’s been a few days since we got back from IFA and we didn’t wanted to miss the opportunity to talk about our great experience there. For some of our team members this trip has been a completely new experience, while for others an every year event; and although we had diverse approaches and ways to experience the show, we do spotted and agreed on 6 main trends as the highlights of our short visit to Berlin.

The “future” of connectivity is already a reality. This is nothing new for all of you IoT experts that attend IFA regularly but for all the rest… This event has shown us the Omnipresence of Alexa and Google and the widespread growth of the VR. Amazon has shown an unstoppable will for leading the tech world and our homes by controlling our information and devices.

On the other hand, VR has presented itself to all of us NON GAMERS, as the playful platform by allowing the general public to experience it through easy games. Is in that note that we want to specially mention Lenovo and Star Wars, a wonderful experience.


High tech cuisine. This isn’t a new trend per se as it’s a fast growing market since forever, but, it is impressive how all brands have expanded their product range to a ridiculous and needless amount, selling a gourmet experience through added-in technology.

Tecnología Gastronómica

Almost every pavilion and mayor booth had a Cooking show, where the big chefs displayed the advantages of the “New Product” … but, with a closer look, it was easy to see that no other High-Tech cooking product was in use; just simple and traditional utensils. This contradiction make us highlight it as a negative trend during the show.

 IFA Berlin

None or very little innovation in beauty care. Although we are not saying there are no innovative products on this field, we do want to mention that compared to other consumer electronic areas, there is very little technical and esthetical innovation (compared to other fields). Aside from another improved hairdryer with “more ions”, super silent shavers with “extra” blades and maybe a semiautomatic curler there were no products that stand out from the rest House care for dummies.

beauty product

Since we started wondering around the show it was obvious that most of the big brands like Samsung, LG, Bosch or Vestel (among others) were betting on improving the way we wash our cloths. The large display of advance washers and dryers was amazing, and one that stands out from its competition was the new Vestel Intellicare with its Door Assist and automatic washing system, now even dummies can wash correctly.

Vestel Intellicare

Wireless audio for the high-end market. Admittedly, wireless audio was already a wide spread reality and a fast growing marked, but IFA has shown us the new step on the wireless audio evolution: The High-End Audio Quality. Indeed, most Audio brands and OEMs were already mass producing wireless speakers, headphones and amplifiers but very few with the quality to reach High-fidelity sound, till now.

This fair was proof that all the big brands like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Lenovo (Harman) and the small ones like B&O, Libratone and Studio are betting on the high-quality wireless sound.

 Wireless audio

Samsung has stolen the general public show. Every show is for us professionals the perfect opportunity to establish new business relationships, spot new trends and see what our competitors are doing… but there´s a whole other world of everyday users and tech enthusiastic keen on enjoying the tech news. And is in this area that the South Korean brand has impressed us. Their active engagement with the public was fantastic and their products displayed in a way that everyone could “play” with them, bringing the brand experience closer to all of us.


We know, we have left out the list several amazing products, life changing experiences and possible future trends but we needed to narrow it down to what it was the most impressive. Nevertheless, we want to use this opportunity to thank everyone that received us with open arms and willing to help us make of this event a window to the future of products and experiences.


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