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01. Vision

Measure the market and the consumer

We immerse ourselves in the fashion sector and market to detect opportunities, desires and needs of the consumer, changes in trends, new buying patterns and the latest technologies applied to fashion accessories. We segment consumers and through user-centered research we are able to obtain the learnings and insights that will allow us to create the sustainability base of the project. It is essential to understand what the project's value proposition should be so that it has an effective and sustainable market fit over time.


  • Market research, trends and technologies
  • Innovation radar and map of opportunities
  • Customer persona
  • User journey
  • User centric research
  • UX research
  • Ergonomics and usability

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02. Strategy

Shape the model

We work with creative tools originating from Design Thinking to establish the strategic foundations of the project and validate them with the different stakeholders. We design the project's growth horizons and the business model on which it will be deployed. We must not only find a sustainable and scalable market fit, but also know how to determine the most appropriate pricing policy in each case. In addition, we collaborate in the creation of valuable content for the search for investment.


  • Value proposition design
  • MVP strategies
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Segmentation strategy and portfolio
  • Go to market plan
  • Pricing strategies
  • Design fundamentals.

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03. Design

A taylor-made design

We cover all phases of fashion and accessories design. With the project's value proposition validated through research, we begin to work on the conceptual design of the product. In this phase, we contemplate all the insights previously detected to create innovative design proposals that solve needs not covered in the market. It is also time to offer sustainable solutions to include the project in the circular economy model.


  • Style design
  • Circular design and sustainability
  • Concept design

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04. Design

Engineering and pattern making

After working on the conceptual design, our team of engineers is in charge of carrying out the conceptual engineering to analyze every detail of the new design and ensure its optimal functionality. This includes the creation of functional prototypes for validation and development that test the design and allow us to apply corrections until the perfect result is achieved, after subjecting them to multiple tests. In addition, our team is also in charge of carrying out the technical pattern for the mass production of the product in this design phase.


  • Textile engineering and development
  • Textile prototypes
  • Use and durability test
  • Pattern making

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05. Design

Selection of materials and finishes

Another of the fundamental parts of the design of a fashion product is the color and trim, in which the textile design team defines the range of colors, materials and finishes that will shape the final product. All this, always with the adequate definition and control of costs and the creation and negotiation of the entire supply chain.


  • Color & Trim
  • Manufacturing technical sheets

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06. Deploy

Putting the thread in the machine

We put the circular economy at the center of product deployment, with manufacturers increasingly close to each other and leaving less carbon footprint in production processes. This is how we like to project the manufacture of the new textile and fashion products that we design. We take care of finding the right suppliers and the most sustainable and durable materials, because we believe in making products for life, with controlled costs for our customers and attractive to the user, thinking of a balanced and fair economy for all.


  • Design of the supplier network
  • Negotiation of manufacturing agreements
  • Industrialization management
  • Production management
  • Quality control

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07. Deploy

Market launch

Market launch requires an omnichannel control of resources and a strong deployment capacity according to the purposes of community growth and notoriety that the company has set. Together we define the strategies and resources necessary to reach their audience and promote business growth in accordance with the initial forecast. Our experience in product-based crowdfunding campaigns is a substantial asset that allows us to reach the market quickly and, at the same time, generate engagement with users.


  • Crowdfunding
  • Marketing and communication strategy
  • Co-branding strategies and influencer marketing

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