Global digital experience for a local natural cosmetics brand

Alqvimia was born with the premise of creating a 100% natural cosmetic from the absolute respect for nature and individual beauty, fusing the ancient wisdom of alchemy with the art of aromatherapy. 40 years of history and a unique mission and vision in the market endorse the company, a family business with presence in more than 50 countries.



Convey the essence of the brand in the online experience on an international scale

Alqvimia trusts Lúcid to transfer their vision of cosmetics and their philosophy into their new online store. Our challenge is to create a new experience through UX and UI that works for all the markets in which the company operates, from Barcelona to Seoul.

A sensory digital experience with a careful art direction transports us to the ancient herbalists


Active immersion in the brand and estimation of technical requirements

The project required the creation of a highly experiential digital space with a strong brand character and a completely new expression. We carried out multiple activities and work sessions between the Alqvimia team and our Experience team to identify and capture the essence of the brand and how to transmit it in the new e-commerce. We worked in iterations to validate the result with the brand and ensure that the defined objectives were achieved.



A highly effective e-commerce that takes the digital brand experience even further

The Alqvimia online store is a unique experience that transports us to the old herbal stores full of flowers, medicinal plants, smells, textures and memories. One of the key pieces of the project to achieve the proposed objective is the artistic direction through photography, as well as the design of the UX and the UI. The result is an immersive e-commerce where the user can dive through the products, essences and ingredients as if they could be touch and smell them.

50+ countries

E-commerce designed for international reach

ERP integration

Connection to the resource planning system

Art direction

Art direction in photography and design

Sensory experience

Highly experiential digital space


Collaborative work sessions with the client

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