Adding value to traditional tools

Bellota is a century-old brand with extensive experience in the design, manufacture and marketing of implements and tools for agriculture, construction and industry.



Building a global people-centered design strategy

The User Centered Design approach used is based on three main phases: understanding, immersion and design. On the one hand, at the beginning of each project, an interdisciplinary team from the company and Lúcid analyze the market in depth in order to identify its keys and main areas of opportunity for innovation and competitive improvement.

More than 100 new references in the Bellota portfolio and the incorporation of multiple innovations have improved the market share of the centennial company


Ideation and co-creation to generate new opportunities in professional work processes

During the project definition process we have focused our research activities on gathering the maximum knowledge of the market. On the way to new opportunities we have analyzed the different business units, compiling the needs and characteristics of the local markets.



A memorable brand experience in different markets through a solid Visual Brand Language

Through an understanding of the markets where Bellota operates and deep knowledge of the use and needs of tool users, we have developed a strategy for the Bellota portfolio. These deliverables become a strategic component of the company's innovation. In addition, they have allowed to expand the presence of Bellota in the market and generate a greater volume of business.

300 users

Interviews and observations in context

30 co-creation workshops

In Europe, Central America and South America

+200 hours

Video and audio recording

10 new products

Radical innovation involving +1.000 references

+40% increase

In contribution margin of product family

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