Simultaneous translation with AI to eliminate barriers

Tragl is a technology-based entrepreneurial project whose mission is to create the most advanced intelligent simultaneous translator on the market. Tragl was born from a disruptive idea: to create the first hands-free simultaneous translator in a single device.



Addressing a 360º strategy to accelerate a new technology

Accompanying entrepreneurs demands skills in the creation of new products, knowledge and experience in business and brand. Tragl required setting up an interdisciplinary team capable of bringing disruptive technology to market in the shortest time possible.

The crowdfunding campaign has raised more than 320.000€, allowing us to launch the simultaneous translation device on the market soon


From idea to market in 6 months

The project is executed through three areas of knowledge: Engineering, Design and Business. Each of these areas works simultaneously and in coordination for 6 months to reach the market with a viable and scalable solution. To achieve this, we establish teams of specialists who, together with the entrepreneurial team, develop each of the facets of the project (product – brand – customer) through 2-week sprints. During the development of the product, we made dozens of models, prototypes and volumetric tests in order to validate both its ergonomics and its mechanical and aesthetic functionality.



Launch of the first hands-free simultaneous translator with an accelerated break even

The characteristics of the project are ideal for its launch on the market through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This strategy has allowed the entrepreneurial team to finance its development and manufacturing in record time (€320,000 in 2 months) and to gain the complicity of thousands of users who have supported the project and validated its value proposition worldwide. In the coming months hundreds of patrons will receive the first units of the Tragl technology in their homes.

320.000 €

Fundraising achieved on Indiegogo

6 months

From kick-off to market launch

50 countries

Worldwide presence in 4 continents


Bronze Award in Media and Home Electronics

Project published in the Wired magazine

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