Redefining the backpack of the future

Shell was born with the mission to devise and design the most versatile backpack on the market. A backpack that adapts to the needs of the most active people. With a disruptive design, Shell allows you to carry everything you need to spend a day away from home and, at the same time, pack enough clothes to go on a two-week trip anywhere in the world, saving up to 20% of space.



Combining industrial design and fashion design to come up with the smartest way to travel

The Shell project has been a huge challenge: to do something that all backpack brands try and fail to do. On the one hand, to save space, and to do so in such different moments as a two-week trip or a day out of the office. And on the other hand, to improve the user experience compared to existing products on the market.

Shell's Kickstarter campaign has been a resounding success, with fundraising of 2 M€


Designing the interior of the backpack to improve the user experience during travel

The day-to-day running of the project has been based on continuous collaboration. Our team of industrial designers, fashion designers and engineers worked in constant contact with Tropicfeel and its users. Only in this way have we been able to validate that the design proposal meets all market and user requirements. After creating and testing 8 prototypes and involving more than 5,000 users in the iteration and refinement process, we have achieved an attractive, functional and durable product that meets the objective we set at the beginning of the project.



A campaign launched on Kickstarter with a fundraising of 2 M€

The most versatile backpack on the market: adaptable to 3 sizes of 22L, 30L and 40L, Shell has a variety of accessories that allow users to adjust the product to their needs. From an inbuilt wardrobe to put enough clothes to travel for two weeks and with a space saving of 20%, through a professional camera case, to an external toiletry bag to have on hand whenever you travel.

2 M€

Raised on Kickstarter

+ 5.000 users

Involved during the design process

20% space-saving

In long-distance travel format‍

3 sizes

Adaptable to three capacities:
22L, 30L y 40L


Project published in the Forbes magazine

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