Boost 5G capabilities for a safer navigation device

The i2CAT Foundation is a non-profit research and innovation center that promotes knowledge. They are driven by the mission to solve business challenges, co-create solutions with a transformative impact, empower citizens through open and participatory digital social innovation with territorial capillarity, and promote pioneering and strategic initiatives.



Design and test the user experience of a new navigator

The objective of the project is to present a proof of concept based on 5G technology at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona. i2CAT needs a memorable concept to be presented to the media and the leading companies in the mobility sector. At Lúcid we are in charge of designing a complete user experience and extending the capabilities offered by the technology to the maximum. To do so, we define the new functionalities of the device and conceptualize a product proposal that contemplates both the on-screen interaction and the design of the bicycle device, which includes a 5G triangulation navigator.

i2CAT needs a memorable concept to present to leading companies in the mobility sector


From the choice of functionalities to the demonstration of the 3D prototype

The i2CAT team passes on to us the features, functions and capabilities of the technology they have developed. From there, we create a series of possible functionalities that the technology can solve for different users. We cross-reference the needs with the different functionalities and prioritize the most relevant and valuable ones for the user. At the same time, we characterize the components and technical requirements of the physical device for pedestrians, bicycles or motorcycles.

At the same time, we define the user journey, which achieves a better fit in three axes of preferences: viability, feasibility and desirability. Once the functionalities and the main “jobs” to be solved by the product have been defined, we design the user experience for navigation and information.



A simple and safe device that guides urban bicycle users using 5G

From the analysis of functionalities, technical requirements and complete user experience, we were able to design a simple device adapted to the needs of urban users of shared and private bicycles. This new navigator that uses 5G improves their security and complies with the MVP.

For the product demonstration at Mobile World Congress 2019, in front of leading companies in the mobility sector and international media, we created a 3D prototype and an infographic presentation showing the interaction and operation of the 5G-based technology.

5G Device

Integration of the most advanced technology

Product Journey

For a complete user experience

MVP Design

Viable, Feasible and Desirable Product

Mobile World Congress

Presentation at the Barcelona 2019 edition

Navigation security

For urban bicycle users

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