An intelligent and 100% remotely configurable heating system

Comtec Ibérica is a start-up whose purpose is to reinvent traditional heating systems and offer smart, modular, and energy-efficient heating solutions. Shefic is the first generation of products with which the company goes to market in 2020 and offers a thermal optimization solution for the home through the use of independent connectable modules.



Create a smart heating system with high performance and low consumption

The Comtec team, experts in traditional heating systems, asks us about the possibility of rethinking the current equipment in search of a solution that would put an end to their problems, which have an economic impact on the end consumer: low thermal efficiency, the difficult optimization of the equipment according to the space of use and the difficult control and self-management of the electrical consumption of the equipment. Together we propose a new system based on "plug and play" connectable modules that allow the user to create their own performance settings for each heating equipment installed, as well as manage them at all times through an app that can be adjusted both manually and automatically.

The application is intuitive and allows you to control the use and performance of individual heating equipment


Designing the experience of a smart control IoT solution with machine learning

With the clear goal of creating a versatile and adaptive heating system, our Engineering and Digital teams design a completely new module and application that will control it remotely. The new equipment, which will work through a "plug and play" electromechanical joint system, has its own dissipation elements that obtain high thermal performance.



An intelligent modular radiator without limits focused on user needs

The new equipment is an eco-efficient module that allows it to be handled and transported easily, and can be purchased separately. Its features represent significant savings for the user: with an expenditure of only 100W per element, the customer will be able to save up to 35% of electricity consumption in heating.

In addition, it is an intelligent device that learns the user's habits and adapts its settings according to the cheapest hourly rates.

Smart control

IoT app with machine learning

Big Data

Consumption data storage and management engine

Controllable consumption

Control of the use and performance of each unit

Customizable product

It adapts to user needs

35% savings

Thanks to its high energy efficiency

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