Consolidating leadership in the HORECA sector

Comas is the leading cutlery manufacturer in Spain. Originally as a manufacturer of cutlery and with one of the broadest product portfolios for the HORECA sector. Always oriented to the professional sector, they have been growing their offer beyond cutlery. A group composed of two main brands: Comas and Culter.



Accompany the brand in defining long-term strategies

Comas is looking for a partner to guide them in the long term, providing vision in determining design strategies and brand reinforcement. Envisioning the future of a brand like Comas requires a very broad approach. From knowing their local and global competitors and their positioning and product strategies, to mapping the respective brand territories and portfolios to understand where the opportunity gap lies.

Expanding a company requires designing a brand architecture that covers all market niches without cannibalizing new brands


Multi-platform positioning, deployment and extension of branding and product portfolio

A global and complete project in all its essence. Starting with a benchmark of brands and portfolios, and continuing with a series of processes and strategic marketing actions that establish the bases of opportunity on which to grow and deploy Comas' brands and value proposition. A project that involves the work of all Lúcid teams. We organized brand foundation workshops, qualitative interviews with stakeholders in the HORECA sector and their environment to detect service problems and understand what should be the priorities of the work plan.



International recognition of a brand transformed through branding and industrial design

This long-term project has resulted in countless hours of teamwork, accumulating complex decisions and sharing great achievements. All these years have consolidated an exciting professional relationship between Comas and Lúcid. Our main outcomes have been the creation of new brands and their market fit, the support in portfolio strategies and the creation of a wide range of own designs, which have turned Comas into the cutlery company with the highest number of international product design recognitions and awards.

6 years

Of constant collaboration

+9.000 hours

Dedicated to the customer

International awards

The cutlery with the most product design awards

+25 designs

Continuous innovation in product design

360º Collaboration

Union of Branding, Product and Digital

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