Combining technique and aesthetics: innovative appliance design for a historic brand

Taurus is a historical and established brand in the design, manufacture, and commercialization of household appliances and consumer electronics. In such a globally competitive sector, each product launch involves a complex and demanding industrial design exercise. Above all, Taurus is synonymous with guarantee, quality, and listening to the needs of its users to provide innovative product solutions.



Promote competitiveness, efficiency and attractiveness in industrial design

We have our own product design and innovation method that enables us to design household appliances suitable for becoming best-sellers in one of the most competitive markets in the world. The challenges involved in a project like this are diverse, and the technical and economic constraints are increasingly complex, making it essential to have an experienced and passionate team leading it.

Based on the analysis of the sector, the technology, the consumer needs, we designed a product capable of becoming a best-seller in one of the most competitive markets in the world


Market, technical innovations and unmet needs as drivers of development

After receiving the briefing from Taurus, our team dives in to deeply understand and analyze several factors. First, the market, its competitors and the sales channels. This gives us valuable information to accurately approach the new design. Secondly, we need to know the state of the art, in this case, of the hair dryers: what have been the latest technical innovations and what features we should consider for this project.



An innovative and competitive hair dryer that keeps the brand as a market reference

After several months of work, starting with brainstorming and sketching sessions and ending with meetings between engineers and manufacturers, Taurus and Lúcid developed a product that meets all the requirements set at the beginning, and solves all the technical and formal challenges that appeared throughout the project. This way, Taurus launches to the market a new hair dryer capable of being competitive and innovative for users.

5 concepts

Presented and evaluated

Product for sale

In specialized chain stores such as ECI and MediaMarkt


That allows launching 3 ranges of the same product

Competitive product

Able to become a best-seller in the market

Analyze needs

To see what requirements are not being met

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