Silver HT

Designing a new family of keyboards: competitive appeal and functionality

Silver HT has the ambition to become one of the leading companies in the IT products sector. The chosen project with which we started this journey is a family of innovative keyboards. At Lúcid we designed this new set that has allowed the company to access new distributors and recoup the investment made in less than a year.



Unite design, user, business and technology to ensure rapid market implementation

The project to design the new keyboards entails several challenges. Finding out what needs the user has, what functionalities are missing from the current keyboards, what demands the distributors have and what limitations the technology and the manufacturer offer us. It was necessary to study, digest and work through all this information to define a solid strategy and create a new product that would seduce buyers above the rest.

The company has recovered the investment in design and tools in less than a year since the start of the project


User research and industrial design united to ensure market launch

Our user research and industrial design teams work together on this project. In the initial part, we get in contact with users to learn about their experience around keyboards and to understand their interaction with the product. Once we have defined the User Journey and detected points for improvement, we analyze the competitors' products and identify possible deficiencies.



A successful product on the market and the forerunner of a new generation of devices

The new family of Silver HT keyboards designed at Lúcid meets a business demand. The sector is booming and the company required an agile and successful solution. The products created have had the expected response and their introduction on the shelves of large chains, as well as in online channels, has been a success. This has laid the foundation for a new generation of products that will build brand loyalty among users.

Best seller

From the company's IT division

+ 15.000

Product units sold

2 models

Launching of a simple model and a trackpad model

3-color range

Product available in three color combinations

Wider distribution

Obtaining new distributors for the company

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