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New image for a new generation of baskets and shopping carts

Shopping Basket entrusts us with a rebranding process that should help them to renew the corporate image and find the brand fundamentals, as well as a purpose that gives meaning to the company and aligns with consumer aspirations and trends in the retail sector. SB's new positioning should be the basis on which its portfolio will be structured in the future. As a consequence, we have the opportunity to lead a new generation of products that will follow these renewed brand drivers and will allow the brand to strengthen and grow internationally. New products must be hyper-functional, industrially optimal, and hypersensitive to the consumer's shopping experience and different needs.



Finding the company's true purpose to help it build a solid strategy

To face the challenge of rebranding, it is essential to soak up the company's history and achievements, to find the core and distinctive assets on which we will build the repositioning of the brand. It is equally vital to understand the aspirations of the consumer in the retail channel, with its immense casuistry and needs. With all this, we will build the new foundations that SB requires, preserving its main assets and adding the essence of the new philosophy that the company's change of ownership entails, together with the commercial focus of opportunity that the sector and the market present us with.

The new products maintain brand consistency thanks to VBL, are industrially optimal, and hypersensitive to the consumer's shopping experience


Identification of technical criteria and differentiation opportunities to improve the shopping experience

We started the project by immersing ourselves in Shopping Basket to understand its essence and the characteristics of its market. Knowing their current and potential competitors well is essential to focus a rebranding process, which includes workshops on brand fundamentals where we work on the company's strategic drivers, brand prism and funnel, personality archetypes, brand persona and a manifesto that culminates with the new corporate tagline: “Carry. Everything ”. Next, we apply the brand to the product.



A new range of products and a solid refocusing for a resolute brand

We established a new brand identity that is consistently reflected in SB's new product range, positioning the enterprise as a company that applies active listening and puts the consumer at the center of its decisions, using all design disciplines to deploy a unique product and service offering ready to lead its market. We create new products that maintain brand consistency by establishing a product Visual Brand Language (VBL), and laying the foundation for a new generation of products thought to help, designed to please.

Consistent brand

By establishing a Visual Brand Language

360º Collaboration

Union of Branding, Product and Digital

4 new products

Guide the new generation of baskets and carts

Product niche

Identified to structure the new portfolio

Hypersensitive products

Regarding the shopping experience

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