Understanding new household habits

Haier ranks first among home appliance brands worldwide. The core value of the brand is driven by the argument that users are always right, while the company must continuously improve. In addition, Haier has a development gene that makes its culture immutable: the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of all its workers and suppliers creates new value for its products.



Identifying innovation opportunities through immersion in a changing culture

For the development of this project, we use the User Centered Design approach in 3 main phases: understanding and immersion, opportunity detection and conceptual design. In the first phase, we analyze the market and design the exploration to visit the main cities in China where we will conduct an exhaustive immersion, which will give us a deep understanding of the home culture of the country and allow us to create a map of opportunities based on the habits, expectations and problems of the users.

The brand achieves disruptive concepts in household appliances after immersing in the home culture in China to detect areas of innovation consistent with its values


Ethnography, insights analysis and disruptive design proposals

To begin with the immersion, we conduct research on Chinese culture and its main changes and trends in the field of home appliances ―more information on our blog. Next, we design the research and travel to the country to know the homes of citizens and understand their expectations, as well as their habits in stores and supermarkets. All this allows us to generate a report that defines current households and the archetypes of family units that inhabit them.

From this point, we start a funnel process identifying 20 possible areas of opportunity and defining, together with Haier, the 6 most promising areas of innovation. With the results, we develop an ideation process with conceptual proposals for each of these 6 areas. Finally, we deliver 3 conceptual products accompanied by the storytelling that supports them in the research conducted and that are in line with Haier's values and the needs of its consumers.



Proposal of 20 opportunity areas with innovation potential and 3 disruptive concepts

The exhaustive field research provides Haier with a better understanding of family units in China, delving into their habits and needs in the home environment. This information generates the valuable possibility for the brand to explore among 20 areas of innovation, 3 of which we evolved to develop conceptual product proposals. Proposals, based on a storytelling linked to the research, that Haier will be able to produce according to its values.

20 users

Interviews and observations in context

3 cities en China

Chosen as field of study

50+ hours

Video and audio recording

20 areas of opportunity

Found during the investigation

3 disruptive concepts

Supported by the study's storytelling

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