Validating a value proposition in 4 weeks

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is the leading company in the household appliances sector in Spain and Europe. It has developed a new technology to solve one of the biggest challenges in consumers' kitchens. BSH relies on Lúcid to validate the prototypes of a new product that incorporates this technology with users throughout Europe.



Understand the consumer's need and perception of a new technology

Lúcid proposes an agile validation methodology in 4 weeks, interviewing and working with users from UK, France, Germany and Spain. To achieve this, a team of 4 researchers conducted interviews and application test sessions with 60 potential users simultaneously to finally analyze the results and identify behavioral patterns, profile segmentation, areas for improvement, define the happy & unhappy path of use and a 3-phase launch roadmap.

We carried out the project in record time, interviewing more than 60 users in 4 countries, obtaining the guidelines that guide the next steps of the company


Identification of attitudinal profiles to evaluate the suitability of a new product

We define the validation objectives and characteristics of the market and the target sample to determine a study plan that includes profiling and screening of study participants, questionnaires for interviews and flow testing of the mobile application. We conduct the interviews during 2 weeks in 4 European cities, with 15 users in each city. During the following 2 weeks, we analyze the information and identified matching behavior patterns in the 4 cities, allowing us to establish 3 attitudinal profiles that show different sensitivity to the product and the value proposition, and with this we created a launch hypothesis. The technique used makes it possible for BSH to create a scaled launch plan to attack the most predisposed and considered “innovative” users in the early stages, thus shortening the time to market and reducing the risks of technological “chasm”.



A defined path to launch a new technology on the market

Despite the short time frame, the team elaborates high-value visuals for the development of the next technology iterations. The results of the project include Do's and Don'ts of functionalities and flow of use of a new technological product with an end user; psychographic segmentation of the target audience; recommendation of functions and use of the final solution; mobile application test and a product launch roadmap in 3 phases.

60 interviews

To users identified as potential users

4 European countries

Interviews in the UK, Germany, France and Spain

+70 hours

Video and audio recording

Simultaneous investigation

With 4 researchers at the same time

4 weeks

Project carried out in record time

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