Visualizing the core of weighing systems: an adaptable and customizable interface

Sensocar is one of the only European manufacturers of load cells and professional weighing solutions. A family business that carries in its DNA the unconditional commitment to R&D and that has been able to consolidate over the years an image of quality and professionalism. Today it holds a position of leadership and respect in terms of quality and precision, which has allowed it to face strong competition from large Asian manufacturers.



Devise a new user experience for the most advanced electronic weighing equipment

We started the project with Sensocar by reviewing its brand positioning and establishing the company's most essential fundamentals: True Manufacturers & Engineered for you. The challenge was to find a way to capitalize on these drivers and give them substance and form by redesigning their main management software for control equipment and weighing electronics. We seek to create a new user experience and interaction design easy to handle for any user profile (user centric) and sector, understandable and agile in data manipulation (user friendly) and that adapts to formats of the entire range of weighing equipment (adaptive design).

A redesign of the company's flagship software, more manageable and adaptive than ever


Usability research by user profiles for a new digital experience

Electronic weighing equipment is used in very different industrial sectors: food, pharmaceuticals, logistics, mobility, etc., each with very specific needs. It is necessary to follow an exhaustive research process to detect and integrate all these requirements and hybridize them into an adaptable, multi-screen digital solution that is aware of the needs of each user and that, at the same time, conveys the technological potential of this new generation of equipment. We map the usability hypotheses by user profiles and, from there, we develop the architecture and navigation flow, the experience and perception design and, above all, we work on finding a new visual design of the interface that showcases all the capabilities of Sensocar's equipment.



An adaptive and friendly interface for state-of-the-art weighing software

Sensocar's new electronic weighing equipment incorporates a new state-of-the-art software. A multi-format interface that, regardless of the environment and the application sector, remains user-friendly, manageable and understandable. The new design is adaptive and takes full advantage of the possibilities of the screen, allowing prolonged use with comfort. The design language of the application is configurable and customizable, while always maintaining an avant-garde look and feel that reinforces Sensocar's technological positioning.

User friendly

Understandable design for different users

Adaptive design

A multi-format and multi-platform solution

Brand Strategy

Brand positioning, fundamentals and values

Revamped interface

Customizable and cutting-edge visual design‍

Leading technology

A benchmark in weighing quality and precision

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