Modular sustainability for better urban living

Citysens is a Spanish start-up whose mission is to bring nature closer to all people living in cities. Design and technology are their drivers of change to create inspiring products adapted to the needs of today's lifestyle.



Create a new generation of unique and relevant products in irrigation, modularity and design

Citysens relies on Lúcid for the first time in 2015 in search of a partner to help them find a vertical garden design that is unique in terms of performance and versatility. This product must lay the foundations of the brand's identity and be the precursor of a generation of smart, ecofriendly products with a highly elaborated usability, sensitive to the habits of city life.

A unique and versatile aesthetic and functional solution for every space in the house, with specific irrigation technologies


Immersive research and iterative design to find sustainable modular solutions

For each of the projects carried out with Citysens it has been essential to carry out a comprehensive research of usability, technology and design of existing solutions on the market. Our goal: to obtain a generation of unique and aesthetically recognizable products, highly functional and with a supply chain oriented to sustainability.

All Citysens products have been created with the aim of improving people's lives in cities, enhancing sustainability and finding modular building solutions that are easy to handle and maintain, easy to disassemble and recycle, and cost-optimized.



A generation of unique, ecofriendly and internationally recognized products

Since the beginning of the relationship with Citysens, Lúcid's team of designers and engineers has launched three products on the market: a unique vertical garden with interchangeable and 360º orientable pots, composed of recycled and recyclable materials with intelligent irrigation system and autonomy for 90 days; a highly versatile and low-cost "plug and play" modular green shelf with the option of manual or automatic multi-point irrigation and, finally, a wall or hanging planter with a special irrigation system by capillarity that allows great savings in irrigation water and supports decorative wall configurations.

Products designed for Citysens have received multiple international design awards, including the iF Design Award, the European Product Design Award and the German Design Award.

8 design awards

International recognition in industrial design


Invention of new irrigation technologies


Industrial mold project management


Use of recycled and recyclable materials

Circular economy

Incorporation of sustainable economy criteria

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