A foundation for the green cities of the future

Espora was born with a transformative mission: to seek viable and profitable alternatives to green the areas lost to urbanization. Green roofs occupy spaces that are being wasted, so they represent a solution with great economic and environmental benefits and, above all, a positive impact on the health of the population and biodiversity.



Design an affodable, efficient and agile product that replaces multilayer solutions

Currently, only 10% of buildings have green roofs. Existing solutions add additional complexities during the construction process. The new Espora products must, not only understand the functional needs of the product and how to have an optimal structure to favor the spread of biodiversity on walls and roofs, but also find a way to speed up the construction and assembly processes of this type of green solutions.

Espora provides thermal insulation that allows the building to be regulated without overheating the roof, stabilizing its temperature.


Analysis of difficulties and construction requirements to design a more functional product

The focus of the exploration is the analysis of technical barriers, economic costs and a benchmark of current multilayer solutions. We elevate a series of findings to represent in branding and product design. Green space helps to purify the air, reduce greenhouse gases and avoid the heat island effect. It regulates the interior temperature of buildings and promotes biodiversity. The horizontal garden is a collaborative space where food can be grown by reusing rainwater and sunlight. It becomes a refuge for flora and fauna and a new ecosystem. Espora should provide us with an opportunity to reconnect with nature in an urban environment.



An innovative brand at the forefront of urban transformation

Espora not only improves our building and our community, but also the rest of the city, flooding it with a healthy, sustainable and soothing landscape. The designed product is a module made of 100% recycled polypropylene, with a compressive strength of over 1,500 kg/m² and a water storage capacity of 450 ml. Its oblique torsion angle is 7º, with a hinge that allows it to be curved to create continuity between the floor and the wall. In addition, it enables the use of electrical installations and wiring, and has its smart version, integrating an irrigation system with IoT and connected with a control and data collection app. Espora has received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission and the prestigious awards Red Dot Design, IF Design and European Product Design Award (ePDA), among others.


Platinum Award in Design for Sustainability

CE Seal of Excellence

European quality seal for innovative projects

Circular economy

Model based on eco-design and positive impact

90º and 11º curves

Flexible and adaptable design, lightweight and ultra-resistant

18 minutes

Installation time per m²

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